Love is... giving her a piece of jewelry

A jewel by Stella-Bijou! You'll make it big with this

Jewelry has a very high emotional memory value. You should use this advantage:

couple at the table

And not just for birthdays or Christmas.

No, just like that, in between - as a token of your love.


Think - what could she like?

Something that complements her style, emphasizes her assets and features, and is colored to match her skin type.
What jewelry does she like to wear most?
Is she the classic type or the extravagant? Maybe also the reserved one?
Does she wear more gold or silver or rather something colorful?
Delicate pieces of jewelry or do you prefer something eye-catching?

For the correct ring size , take a ring from her and place it on our size chart

With the bracelet , it is important to know what length you need. Measure one of her bracelets.

With the necklace , pay attention to the chain length she likes to wear.

By the way, earrings always work! Whether short or long.


Woman at the shop window
If you don't know what she might like, plan your next walk around the city.
Notice which shop window she stops in front of and, if it's a jewelry store, what jewelry she likes.
Recognize their desires!

And if you find it difficult to decide on a gift, then why not give her one of our vouchers ,
so that she can browse to her heart's content and simply choose the right thing for herself.

For the ladies of you reading this article here:
Just send him the link ,
so that he finally knows what you want and most importantly knows how to do it.



And there is almost nothing standing in the way of your happiness!