About us - Who are we

A company founded by two sisters who couldn't be more different.

And that is exactly our advantage:

Exceptionally good taste
A soft spot for the fine and special
A penchant for perfectionism and individuality
And... desire for something new

Manufacturing and importing high quality designer and luxury fashion jewelry is our specialty. The pieces of jewelery are gold-plated, rhodium-plated and processed in a particularly complex manner. Hardly distinguishable from real jewelry - simply something special. So don't be surprised if people admire your sense of style and personal touch.

How did we come up with this idea?
We traveled the world a lot for work and we kept encountering such great new trends and ideas while traveling. Since we brought back beautiful pieces of jewelery from all these trips, many people asked us about it. We were very happy about so much positive feedback and developed the business idea from it: fine costume jewelry is needed!

And here you can see the result: Stella-Bijou was born!

Where does the name come from? Stella was the name of our cat and she was a piece of gold, a radiant being, a great companion! So it was only natural that we wanted to erect a monument to this star. And Bijou means jewel or piece of jewelry. We thought it went really well together.

Since we ourselves are passionate costume jewelery wearers, we pay particular attention to quality. Of course, it is not real jewelry but fashion jewelry and you should take special care of it, as you can find out on our guide pages.

We offer must-haves, classics and extravagant items. From girly to femme fatale, from sporty elegance to the red carpet.

Choosing your favorite piece should be a pleasure for you and when you wear it, you should feel the same happiness that we have.


We hope you enjoy your new highlight from Stella-Bijou

Susanne Galvani and Gytta Schubert


Event at Stella-Bijou fashion jewelry

Event at the Lion's Club Berlin


Stella gem at VOGUE

Event at VOGUE and Swarovski® in Berlin


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